Fees and how to register

Registering for an online course through OntarioLearn is exactly the same process as any other Georgian College course. You can register online by selecting the course you wish to register in and follow the prompts, or call or visit one of our seven campuses. Below is the OntarioLearn registration schedule. NOTE: MI – Monthly intake

OntarioLearn Schedule:

Winter: Jan. 10

Feb. MI: Feb. 1

Spring: May 9

June MI: June 1

Last day to register:

Winter: Jan. 17

Feb. MI: Feb. 8

Spring: May 16

June MI: June 8

Last day to withdraw with a refund:

Winter: Jan. 24

Feb. MI: Feb. 15

Spring: May 23

June MI: June 15

You will be eligible for full refund less a $20 administration fee.